Mark Hunter

Remedial Therapist, Breathing Specialist
Yoga Teacher
Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist

Mark Hunter

Hatha, Yin, Stretch, Balance and Yoga Therapy

Mark’s passion for health is inspired by the body’s ability to both heal and transform itself to have a better quality of life. He is able to weave his years of experience as a remedial therapist and yoga instructor into his classes to ignite in students a feeling of satisfaction and achievement whether they are an experienced yogi or a beginner new to yoga. He is equally passionate about helping students achieve greater flexibility with stretching. A growing area of specialisation is working with 60+ to improve function with better balance and flexibility.

Mark Hunter

Remedial Therapy

Mark has 27 years experience as a remedial therapist, specialising in Bowen Therapy, Fascial Kinetics, myofascial release and reflexology. Having taught Bowen Therapy for 13 years, and assisted with yoga teacher training for the past 7 years, Mark has a wide range of both clinical and technical expertise.

Breathing Specialist

A major focus of both his yoga teaching and his remedial therapy work is based on improving breathing function as he sees this as underlying many health dysfunctions.  Breath impacts posture and posture affects breathing, so he uses his extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology to address both function and structure. 

As well as having drawing upon his remedial therapy and yoga teaching, Mark has also qualified as a Buteyko breathing practitioner. His main Buteyko focus is on adults, continuing his speciality with older age groups. Within these groups the main areas are, as well as improving overall health, working with insomnia, sleep apnea stress, management and anxiety. 

You will find Mark easily approachable, attentive and caring as he creates an environment both on and off the mat whereby learning about yourself is the ultimate goal.

Mark Hunter

Mark loves to bring mindfulness to your practice to allow the effects of yoga to flow from the physical to the mind and then to your health. His classes are easy to follow, safe and enjoyable for any level.

Mark’s Journey into Yoga

Mark Hunter

Encouraged by his partner Lynne, Mark attended his first yoga class over 25 years ago. A typical footballer, unable to reach down to touch his toes and 20 kg heavier than he is today, it was a struggle.

Since then he has gained diplomas in natural therapies; worked as a remedial therapist for 26 years; been co principal of a natural therapy school; taught anatomy and physiology; and studied pilates, and sports training and development.

Mark Hunter

In 2013 Mark completed his yoga teacher training with Inspya, a yoga alliance certified school. In 2021 he completed his 500 hour training with yoga alliance certified Yoga Medicine and qualified as a Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist. He combines his skills as a remedial therapist with yoga teaching to specialise as a yoga therapist to heal and transform others.


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Mark Hunter



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