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Change is inevitable. It is one fact of life we can trust, and it can be managed with skill and grace. 

I love working with clients who are going through change, or who need to be making changes but feel a bit stuck. I have always found change to be very bumpy and uncomfortable. I don’t like going through transitions, but always appreciate and benefit from the outcomes.  

I have experienced many changes in my life, both planned and unplanned. I have moved countries, had different careers, was a very young mother who was determined to complete my university degree, and been divorced. These are just the big ones.

I prefer staying in my comfort zone but also regularly seek growth and challenges. Because I prefer growth to sitting still, I’ve done lots of research to learn how to manage transitions effectively as well as managing the pain and discomfort. When the going got really tough, I sought the guidance of a coach or mentor. I’ve become through experience, guidance and extensive study, a bit of a change specialist.

Most of my clients are similar to me. They are motivated to explore and grow but usually don’t like uncomfortable changes. Generally they prefer to manage their growth and challenges themselves but, also like me, there are times when they feel stuck and know they’d benefit from professional support.

After working with me you feel more confident and have a greater resilience and belief in yourself. You’ll feel motivated and energised with clarity around who you are, where you want to go, and how to start planning to get there. You’ll feel better equipped to manage the inevitable stresses in your life.

You will come to know your values and strengths and develop a clear vision of who you want to be, and start your plan in how to get there with increased self-awareness, certainty and peace of mind.

The coaching techniques I use are well researched, tried and tested processes for managing stress, transitions and change. While I know the principles and what works for me, every one has their own unique personality, needs and wants, and way of doing things. They also have their unique set of values, strengths and resources.

We’ll work together to find what this is for you, and how to make it work best. I’ll guide you when and how you need it and my work is evidence based, founded on principles of Positive Psychology, and has been a successful process for many clients. 

 The work can be done face to face, or online via zoom.

Please contact me if you would like more information, or to arrange a time to talk.

For more information about my work, please go to my website

Everyone has the potential to achieve their fullest potential; to live with health and vitality; with balance, happiness and peace; deeply connected to others and to self, with purpose and meaning: a life lived with joy.

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I am passionate about inspiring others to live to their full potential. I have been a natural health therapist for over 28 years, actively involved in health and education. For the last 10 years I have focused on coaching and mentoring clients to experience wellness, mindfulness and awareness. More recently I qualified as a positive psychology coaching practitioner to deepen my knowledge and skills.

I am also passionate about promoting positive ageing, and am a trustee of the Third Age Foundation. Based on the principles of Positive Psychology we support flourishing groups in New Zealand and the development of positive mindsets around age.

Aware that I have to live what I teach, I am constantly working with (and adjusting) my own work/life balance. While my work is my chief passion, I love spending time with my partner Mark, my family and like minded friends, being outside and enjoying the wonderful wild country where we live, doing yoga and reading, eating and a bit more reading.

I am qualified as a Wellness Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Senior Enhances Awareness Mentor, and have a Bachelor Arts, and Graduate Diplomas in Positive Psychology and Education,  and Diplomas in Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy, and am a registered coach and therapist with IICT.


” Lynne has a nurturing style when carrying out her mentoring, which puts the mentee at ease and makes them feel valued. She is both intuitive and impartial which helps get the most out of her clients while still staying focused on the mentoring process.” Ken

“It is surprisingly simple to achieve changes without actually having to try. The regular mentoring sessions keep you on track and changes begin to happen, even when you don’t focus on the program. My three most significant changes were having clarity around my values; a clearer perception of actual stress versus perceived stress; and learning to be kind to myself. Even though I am as physically busy, my perception has changed so I don’t feel constantly overwhelmed by life.” Lynn 

“It has helped me free my mind, make a link between emotions and reactions and separate the two. I can acknowledge what I feel and let it go. Appreciation of what is and what I have. I am less stressed and more relaxed.” Sinead

“I have done the course and love my life, and I have gotten more out of it than I ever imagined. I discovered things I never noticed and removed beliefs that were valuable earlier in my life, but as an adult held me back. I am still progressing with calm, resilient happiness, and unbelievable awakening of my world inside my mind and outside in my day to day life. Lynne has been absolutely amazing and allowed me to grow safely, unjudged and with sincere care. That means my steps small or enormous opened my eyes and opportunities and fulfil have found my heart, soul, spirit and purse become abundant, open and free. All these gifts are amazing, but the most important gift I have discovered within me is I am valuable, my life is full of worth and I am in a harmonious movement forward (not stuck at all).” Alyssandra


Lynne Brown

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