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A mentor guides, listens, questions, provides insight, to  help unleash your known and your hidden potential.

As an awareness mindfulness and wellness mentor I work with you to
•  Identify the key problems and barriers to your optimal health and wellbeing: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.
•  Create a vision for your health and healing.
•  Develop your strategy to move forward, overcome obstacles and sustain your changes.
•  Build in ongoing assessment & reevaluation.

Working one on one, I mentor clients through a structured program that is well developed and tested, and can be tailored to meet each individual’s particular needs. Most of my clients are either at cross roads and not sure which way to go; feeling challenged by relationships or work; or tired, depressed or unwell.  Some clients are happy with the direction their life is taking, but would like to learn to live more mindfully. The work can be done face to face, or online, and we follow these key stages.

Awareness: Using a structured program with a beautifully detailed workbook, we explore  where you are, where you want to be, and what stops you. With this clear awareness, we can create your unique strategy and pathway for change.

Mindfulness: Based on this new awareness, we create specific strategies to remain aware of your desired outcome, obstacles and your new pathway. Mindfulness is remembering you have a choice and requires awareness – awareness of your current unconscious choices, and of the more healthful choices, and of all possible outcomes.

 Wellness: Being aware and mindful naturally creates a state of peace and wellbeing, but sometimes we add in specific steps to ensure this is happening in the final stage of our work.

Everyone has the potential to achieve their fullest potential; to live with health and vitality; with balance, happiness and peace; deeply connected to others and to self, with purpose and meaning: a life lived with awareness and stillness.

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I am passionate about inspiring others to live to their full potential. I have been a natural health therapist for over 24 years, actively involved in health, wellness and awareness education and mentoring. Aware that I have to live what I teach, I am constantly working with (and adjusting) my own work/life balance. While my work is my chief passion, I love spending time with my partner Mark and my family and like minded friends, being outside and enjoying the wonderful wild country where we live, doing yoga and reading, eating and a bit more reading.

I am qualified as a Wellness Coach and Senior Enhances Awareness Mentor, and have a BA (Psychology) and Diplomas in Education, Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy, and am a registered therapist with IICT.


“Before I participated in EAP I had a very good and happy life with my extended family but was stressed and feeling like something was missing. Working through the program with Lynne enabled me to be honest with myself. This helped me to see and be clear about what was most important to me.
I’m less stressed and I have a deeper understanding of how being unaware affects our wellness.
I now have a more enjoyable life doing the things I want to do and more awareness in my relationships. Understanding and being aware of my story has given me the knowledge and power to have more consistent stillness.” John

“When I began the EAP, I felt some trepidation and wary regarding opening myself up and exposing my weaknesses. However, these worries were all put to one side as Lynne’s kind and guiding manner throughout have made the whole journey an enlightening and life changing experience.
After completing the EAP with Lynne in 2013 I found I had a lot more clarity around how I feel about myself. Lynne’s guidance has enabled those changes to be sustainable and the healing process to continue and I now feel more at peace and content than I have since my childhood.” Jacqui


Lynne Brown

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